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Accent Media Incorporated has received numerous honors from its peers in writing, direction, video and audio production. Thank you to the many clients who have allowed us to take their productions to the next level. If you would like your production to reach the next level, please contact us.

Individual Honors

While we can’t list the over 100 (and growing) national, regional, and local awards we’ve won.  Here is a list of some of our most awarded productions.  Come check out our fully-stocked awards shelf for yourself!

Field of Screams - Commercial
Marcom Creative Award
Axiem Award
Aurora Award – Best of Show

Dan Gable – Trailer
Axiem Award - Editing and Compositing
Videographer Awards - Award of Distinction
Telly Awards – Finalist

APAC Branding - Commercials
Classic Telly Award Winner
Telly Award - Finalist
Videographer Award
Communicator Awards - Award of Distinction

Creative Techniques – How-To
Telly Awards - Finalist
Communicator - Award of Distinction

Morris Shechtman – Direct Marketing
Axiem Award – National Finalist
Communicator Awards – Award of Distinction

Centers of Attention – Corporate Video Newsletter
Communicator Awards – Award of Distinction
Telly Awards – Finalist
Videographer Awards – Award of Excellence – Creativity/Humor
Videographer Awards – Special Effects
Videographer Awards – Creativity/Editing

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