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Duplication Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Formats
    • VHS, SVHS, Betacam-SP, 1”, 3/4”
  • Format Conversions to and from:
    • PAL and SECAM, D-2 and DigitalBetaSP
  • Complete DVD and CD-Rom Duplication
  • VHS to DVD conversion
  • Complete packaging options
  • Window dubs

All copies include

  • High-quality duplication
  • Tape stock, sleeve or case, quality control & labels
  • Rates based on the length of the dub & the total number of copies ordered from one master

We can fully service your needs with duplication of most commercially available formats. We feature fast turnaround, a wide variety of packaging and small- and large-run duplication.

For further information, please fill out our online response form.


DVD isn’t the future — It is today’s tool for interactive educational and commercial applications. Accent Media is a leading provider of DVD creation and authoring in the Midwest. Use DVDs for your:

  • Sales Presentations
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Interactive Training
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Live Productions

Let us help you understand how DVDs can combine motion media, photography, the web and audio elements with the flexibility of custom menus and easy navigation.

Think Differently About DVD

DVDs from Accent Media offer a wide variety of uses and many advantages:

  • Combine different videos onto the same DVD. Add menus and chapters so users can jump to the right location on the DVD.
  • DVD picture quality is better than VHS tape, so your program looks cleaner & clearer.
  • For training purposes, create automatic stop points or jump back points on your DVD.
  • Still photographs, graphics and PowerPoint slides can be easily accessed and viewed.
  • DVD-ROMs can store video and audio as well as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, PowerPoints, Word Documents and other information.
  • DVDs are low-cost to mail. Depending upon packaging, you only need a first-class stamp.
  • Research predicts that a well-kept DVD could last 100 years or more.

Show clients that you are advanced and forward thinking by implementing the amazing DVD format. With award-winning skill and precision, Accent Media can help you take advantage of the DVD’s advanced flexibility and quality.

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