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Web Formats

Accent Media offers a complete line of web-format encoding including:

  • Quicktime
  • MPEG
  • AVI
  • Windows Media
  • Real Media

Web Media Creation

The Internet offers a fantastic on-demand forum for your clients to view your creations and to communicate to your audience at any time, from anywhere. We have some of the best web encoding tools available commercially, and we know how to use them properly.

Imagine this: As your web movie plays, it automatically triggers the personís browser to open up your web contact form without disrupting the movie. That very cool marketing technique is available, and we can make it happen.

We have created comprehensive encoding solutions for different situations such as:

  • Supporting the educational needs of online learning at major universities
  • Encoding high-quality MPEG2 for DVD for industrial and corporate solutions
  • Creating and encoding motion media for display in your local movie theater

Take advantage of an on-demand forum to communicate to audiences effectively and at a low cost. Accent Mediaís expertise in bringing web pages and web movies to life helps you maximize your dollar and your message.

Call 1-855-399-1739 for estimates or fill out our handy online request form!

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